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17.10.2017 04:20 Age: 2 yrs

SpaceMouse Wireless Kit from 3Dconnexion

The wireless CAD solution for mobile workspaces.

Munich, Germany October 17th 2017 – 3Dconnexion, supplier of high-performance input devices for CAD professionals introduces the SpaceMouse Wireless Kit. The mobile CAD solution contains everything that engineers and designers need for an efficient two-handed workflow. With the SpaceMouse Wireless in the left hand you smoothly position your object, while the CadMouse Wireless in the right hand effortlessly moves over the CadMouse Pad Compact and selects or creates objects. The high-performance 3Dconnexion Universal Receiver provides a wireless 2.4 GHz connection to up to five wireless 3Dconnexion devices during the entire working session. To ensure the protection of the devices both mice come with a lightweight and robust carry case. In this way 3Dconnexion meets the requirements that are exactly what modern engineers expect of their devices and allows working mobile with no loss of performance in CAD or 3D projects.

Availability and price

The SpaceMouse Wireless Kit will be available on the 17th of September. It supports the following operating systems: Microsoft ® Windows from version 7 and macOS from version 10.10. The regular price is $199.

Until 31st of December 2017, the Kit is available at an introductory price of $179. For more information please visit www.3dconnexion.com/spacemouse_wireless_kit/en/.


Included in the SpaceMouse Wireless Kit:

  • SpaceMouse Wireless
  • CadMouse Pad Compact
  • Carry Case for SpaceMouse Wireless
  • 3Dconnexion Universal Receiver
  • CadMouse Wireless
  • Mikro USB Cable
  • Carry Case for CadMouse Wireless

About 3Dconnexion

3Dconnexion designs precise, ergonomic hardware and smart, easy-to-use software that combine seamlessly to make working in CAD fast, comfortable and fun. From our SpaceMouse product line of 3D mice to the CadMouse product line, 3Dconnexion products provide a superior way for CAD professionals to interact with and experience the digital world. 3Dconnexion’s headquarters are in Boston and Munich, with offices worldwide.